Improve customer experience effortlessly with our intuitive survey platform - Simplifying the complex world of surveys. We've designed our intuitive platform to address industry challenges like low response rates, making it easier for you to measure customer experience effectively.

The features you need in a surveying tool

Display triggers

Trigger surveys based on URL, number of visits and time on page.


Get a summary of your responses in easy-to-digest reports.


No need to remove code-snippets just to pause a survey for a couple of days.

Importance questions

How important is that new feature you're planning?

Likeliness questions

Is it likely that your customers will recommend your product? Ask them.

Satisfactory questions

Find out how satisfied your customers are.

Open questions

Let your customers put their own words on it.

Realtime dashboard

Get an overview of how your surveys are doing at a glance and in realtime.


Make it yours with a whole bunch of color options.


Get notified of responses via email, Slack and Discord.

Weekly digest

Get a weekly digest of your surveys to your email.

Billing management

Easily access your receipts and manage your subscription.

On-demand surveys

Trigger surveys programmatically. Show a survey when you want it to.

Email notifications

Get notified instantly when new customer feedback comes in.

Have an idea?

Reach out to us at and we'll have a chat about it.

Easy installation

Simple snippet to paste into your pages, we'll detect which survey to display and when.

Read the docs
<!-- Surveybox -->
    window.Surveybox = {
        app_key: "your-app-key", // Provide your key
        user: "", // Replace this with your customers email
        avatar: "", // Optionally provide an avatar URL for your customer
<script src="" defer></script>

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